Hello and welcome!

This blog aims to be a chance to dip your toes into the world of social psychology and how it relates to social and other media. It’ll be asking (and hopefully answering) some questions about what makes us tick.

I also love stories: reading them, watching and writing them. So this is a space where I’ll be sharing and yacking about my multigenred short fiction which you can find here.

About me

I got my PhD in social and health psychology in 2017. Some of the stuff that really interests me is why what we intend to do doesn’t always match up with the way we end up behaving. That and how stuff like our attitudes develop, especially now we live in an increasingly virtually-social world and we’re surrounded by other people’s opinions. You can read about how biases affect likes turning into action here, or how reading reviews might change your opinions before you’ve formed them, here.

Thanks for stopping by! If you’ve not had enough of me yet, can also follow me on Twitter @wildingwriting.