What are the best: British cozy mysteries to watch?

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You’re looking for something to watch where you can snuggle down with a blanket and put your brain to bed for a bit. A lovely cozy mystery. That slightly peculiar genre which revolves around someone dying yet where everyone seems to have a surprisingly short memory that someone has died.

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Rosemary and Thyme

I’ll start with the absolute best, in my opinion. Two older ladies find themselves blindsided by divorce, halted careers and job loss and team together as gardeners. When a murder inevitably occurs nearby, they use their talent at nosing into people’s business to help solve the mystery. A proper cozy mystery. Available on BritBox.

Jonathan Creek

Take a magician’s assistant, an investigative journalist with a nose for a story and slightly insane mystery that’s impossible to solve, and you get a brilliant if inconsistent, show. The first three series are the only ones worth watching. After that, Jonathan’s co-investigator has several changes, but none are anywhere near as good as the original. Later seasons also tend to get strangely dark. Currently available on Netflix.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

In the 1920’s Australia, Phryne Fisher is a newly minted Lady with a load of money and a fearless attitude. She, and the initially reluctant Detective Jack Robinson, solve crimes while wearing fabulous costumes and sharing some great chemistry. Available on Netflix.

Death in Paradise

Take the beautiful, fictional isle of Saint Marie and a British (and in later series Irish) detective. Murders always happen to be where the victim and suspects are fellow ex-pat Brits. Again, the first three series are the best, with some real character development from the detective which isn’t pulled off so well in the following seasons. Available on BBC iPlayer and Netflix.

Agatha Raisin

A new contender to the cozy mystery crown. Featuring a small village, an ex-PR agent from London and murders solved in highly impractical clothing. It lacks the heart of Rosemary and Thyme, and the love interest storyline feels a little forced.

An honourable non-British mention: Murder She Baked.

An American baker in a town where it’s always Autumn uses her knowledge of everyone in town to team up with reluctant a homicide detective.